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Polish Stoneware

Ceramika Artystyczna

Meet Signature Artist Zofia Spychalska

Courtesy of Ceramika Artystyczna

This artist has been connected with Ceramika Artystyczna Co-operative since 1989, since 1997 she has been a Signature Artist and pattern designer.

Quote - "When designing new ornaments I use elements from my everyday life and passions. I am a mother of small children and am fascinated by their wonderfully naive and fabulous world. I also feel great in such a setting, so I am inspired by children's literature as well as drawings and situations observed when we play together or go for a walk. Traveling also gives me a number of stimuli for being creative. When I travel I admire the architecture and watch different residential interiors, knowing that vessels decorated by me will eventually land in them"

Samples of Zofia Spychalska's Work

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